Dynamics NAV 2016 will not only offer an enhanced O365 experience, but also work natively with Power BI. Possible links to Power BI, as demoed to 270 partners throughout Europe in the 2015 Dynamics PowerShot sessions delivered by Cloud Ready Software, are already a powerful way of visualizing KPIs and business intelligence with the existing version. NAV 2016 will take this a big step forward by integrating Power BI natively, so business reporting is now at any user’s fingertips without needing to integrate expensive and sometimes cumbersome 3rd party tools.

The new process automation features allow easy customization of internal NAV events by hooking up to them from outside standard objects. Thus catching process events generically becomes as easy as catching data events has been for years. This is not only a major breakthrough in making the standard codebase more easily updateable, it also makes way for an end-to-end support of connecting the unstructured world of documents with the structured world of ERP data. The combined package of integrated Workflow and e-Everything capabilities covers the complete process of electronic invoicing from inbuilt OCR to a follow-up of documents from order to invoice.

Big platform enhancements include a phone client along with the already existing desktop, web and tablet client. Moreover NAV 2016 now works natively with Azure SQL and CRM Online.

New functionalities in the finance segment include deferrals and posting preview – a functionality end-users have been asking for ever since Navision Financials 1.0. It has now been made technologically possible in a sustainable way.

Another major point in all of the Dynamics PowerShots trainings has now been guaranteed by Microsoft. Dynamics NAV will make their test automation suite available to partners with every annual release, even supplying updates on a monthly basis. This, again, is a major breakthrough in our quest for professional software production processes. The test unit framework has been around for some time now, even allowing UI unit testing in the meantime. With the sustained release of Microsoft’s test automation suite, partners now enjoy full testing capabilities of the whole application. As we said, folks, there’s no more excuse for not integrating automated unit testing into your daily development process.

This is phantastic news from the WPC in Orlando. EMEA Directions in Mannheim, Germany, and US Directions in Orlando, FL, later this year will see a groundbreaking NAV 2016 release go live.

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